Laser Cutting

File Formatting

Laser cut pieces of a grasshopper model in 3mm MDF

Laser cut pieces of a grasshopper model in 3mm MDF


File Formats

For cutting and vector engraving we require the art to be supplied in vector files. Vector files can be created in paid softwares such as AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, or in free software such as Inkscape.

Our preferred file formats for laser cutting/vector engraving are:

  • .dxf

  • .ai

  • .svg

We are happy to try to convert other file formats for you, this might attract a fee depending on the complexity of the file.

Colour Code

We use a colour-coded system for dealing with cuts, vector engraving and raster engraving. We request that you please format your files accordingly as below:

  • RED lines for cuts

  • BLUE lines for vector engrave

  • BLACK lines for raster engrave

Please note that we have a maximum cutting area of 500mm x 700mm and your art must fit within this size limit with a minimum 5mm border around the edges.



If you would like to use one of our our templates to help you prepare your files you may download them below:

  • Rhino Template - Download

  • Adobe Illustrator Template Coming Soon

  • AutoCAD Template Coming Soon